KGOPOTSO COMPUTER TRAINING (KCT) C.C. is a South African Close Corporation [C.C.] established in 2009. KCT is accredited by MICT SETA since 2010, and has been in business for over 5 years. As a training provider geared towards empowering people who had never had an opportunity to use a computer with information and communication technology skills, we have identified a niche we believe, if implemented well, will definitely improve the lives of many people.

Since ICT could no longer be avoided at all cost and no matter where one goes. It has then position Kgopotso Computer Training C. C. [KCT] an excellent opportunity to manifest its’ ever desire to train and educate in this ever interesting global technological system.

Our curricular will equip every individual from young ages, youth, and young adults, working adults as long as one is computer aspirant, and from all spheres of socio-economic class. The candidates will be afforded an opportunity to be trained by a qualified and accredited facilitator/assessor. In a class of fifteen students [15] students, providing everyone a fair and equal interrogation, and immediate attention.

Kgopotso Computer Training aims to create a market within the business sector by offering expert, professional services and ongoing support to our clients. Our staff is adequately qualified and experienced in information and communication technology.